CIS-121 Fundamentals of Website Development

Design and develop a Website

Computing and Information System

Total Duration:
Review : 1


Course Level: Fundamentals of Website Development

Duration: September-Decmber 2020

Course Type: Theory & Practical

The outcome of this course:
1. Design a website to address looselydefined requirements
2. Use web development tools to build HTML- and CSS-based websites to address well-defined specifications 
3. Understand the technology and tools needed to use multimedia in the context of a website 
4. Develop test strategies and apply these to a website 
5. Understand the need for Web standards 
6. Understand the concepts associated with using the Internet and the World Wide Web for business 

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FWD-Topic 1-How web Works |
Class video
FWD-Topic 2-Introduction to HTML |
FWD-Topic 3-HTML Lists |
FWD-Topic 4-Hyperlinks |
FWD-Topic 5-Media |
FWD-Topic 6-HTML Tables |
FWD-Topic 7-HTML Forms |
FWD-Topic 8-Div_span |
FWD-Topic 9-Miscellaneous Tags |
FWD-Topic 10-CSS Basics and Selectors |
FWD-Topic 11-CSS Properties |
FWD-Topic 12-CSS Box_model |
FWD-Topic 13-CSS Layouts |
FWD-Topic-14-Design Process-1 |
FWD-Topic-14-Design Process-2 |
FWD-Topic-15-Evaluation and Testing |

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