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Md. Sahadat Hossain
Md. Sahadat Hossain achieved Brilliant
Mr. Md. Sabbir Ahamed
Mr. Md. Sabbir Ahamed achieved Brilliant
Engr. Major Md. Arman Ali Bhuiyan (Retd)
Engr. Major Md. Arman Ali Bhuiyan (Retd) achieved Brilliant
Md. Mustafa Kamal
Md. Mustafa Kamal achieved Brilliant
Mr. Najim Uddin Sharker
Mr. Najim Uddin Sharker achieved Brilliant
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1 Nayeema Rahman
Nayeema Rahman
Bachelor 1034 xp
2 Md. Aktaruzzaman Pramanik
Md. Aktaruzzaman Pramanik
Bachelor 1010 xp
3 Nishat Anjum Bristy
Nishat Anjum Bristy
Newbie 5 xp
4 Md. Mahmudul Hasan Suzan
Md. Mahmudul Hasan Suzan
Newbie 5 xp
5 Muhammad Anisuzzaman
Muhammad Anisuzzaman
Newbie 5 xp
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E-Commerce and E-Business Management
The growth of the Internet continues to have a tremendous influence on business. Companies and organizations of all types and sizes are rethinking their strategies and how they run their operations. This new course challenges students to explore the realities and implications of internet business (i.e., e-commerce) from a marketer's perspective. Business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce markets are examined. The course introduces students to a wide range of electronic commerce issues for marketers, as a foundation for continual learning in the dynamic e-commerce environment. In addition, some of the major issues associated with e-commerce—security, privacy, intellectual property rights, authentication, encryption, acceptable use policies, and legal liabilities—will be explored.
Advanced Google Meet
Welcome to your first day of Google Meet Introduction Course
Google Meet saves you time, keeps you organized, and allows you to connect and collaborate with your students in real time. Get started today with resources and tips from educators like you.
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