CIS-331 Web Engineering

Web Engineering

Computing and Information System

Total Duration:
Review : 10


Course Level: Web Engineering

Duration: September-Decmber 2020

Course Type: Theory & Practical

                  The outcome of this course:
                  1. Understand the various tools and techniques used for Web Application development 
                  2. Be able to develop data-driven websites 
                  3. Be able to apply the various tools and techniques used to build data-driven websites
                  4. Understand the functions of web services 
                  5. Be able to create and deploy web services 

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                  WE- An Introduction |
                  WE- Topic 1--Technology Review |
                  WE- Topic 2-PHP Overview & Installation |
                  WE- Topic 3- Building Blocks of PHP-Basics
                  WE- Topic 3.1- Building Blocks of PHP: Exploring_Data_Types
                  WE- Topic 3.2- Building Blocks of PHP: Control Stuctures_Logical Expressions
                  WE- Topic 3.4- Building Blocks of PHP: User_Defined_Functions
                  WE- Topic 3.5- Building Blocks of PHP: Debugging
                  WE- Topic 4-Building Web Pages with PHP
                  WE- Topic 5-Working with Forms and Data
                  WE- Topic 6-Working with Cookies and Sessions
                  WE- Topic 7-Getting started with MySQLi
                  WE- Topic 8-CRUD Operations
                  WE- Topic 9-PHP MVC and Frameworks
                  WE- Web Services |

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                  CIS-331 Web Engineering

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