Online Summer Fest 2020

#Stay Home #Stay Safe  II  Event 25-29 June    

Online Summer Fest 2020

The Summer Fest is a culture of a university to boost up the students’ activities more boldly. This fest includes lots of activities, where all University clubs take the direct leads and open a big platform for the student to perform in a colorful umbrella.

This year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are going to organize the event through an online platform where students will get all kinds of access to the program through an online platform. In this fest all kinds of activities like application, participation, audition, events, etc that will be organized online. 

Summer Festival is a unique opportunity for students as well as the organizing club members too. This fest will demonstrate a leading position as a student, with a special emphasis on university young people. The benefit of this fest is not much visible on the aspect of financial and social, but its impact on a student's life to create a better career for his/her future. 


Event Features


# Singing Competition
# Instrumental Competition  


# 150-word story writing (English)
# Poetica (English/ Bangla)
# Poem Recitation


# Waste Material-Craft  

# Dance Competition Single


# Art Competition
# Short Video Competition 


 Business Quiz Competition
 Idea Pitching Contest